“This will be my 4th home purchase in the last 10 years, and I have dealt with several realtors during purchase and sale of every home. However, I don’t need to think twice to say, Kaajal is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. I like working with realtors who have the following qualities: Great Communication Skills, Superior Negotiation Skills, Promptness in response, Understanding client needs and being flexible to accommodate what they are looking for. She excelled in all these categories. I just made one offer with her, and she worked out a relationship with the seller’s agent and ensured that we got the house we liked amidst multiple offers! She worked very hard to get all the info we needed for every house we were interested in and was very very prompt to answer any questions. She is also good about letting you know if the house has negatives or will have issues for resale. Overall the best thing in the home buying process is to get a great realtor who can give you professional advice, be a friend to listen to your hear and help you make the right decision and finally communicate well to establish a channel and win the house for you. Kaajal is the right person who meets all the above, and I would love to recommend her to anyone!!”
– Arnab S.

“What can I say about Kaajal that hasn’t been said already..  I cannot imagine how hard it would have been to endure the process of finding our dream home if not for her keen mind and candid approach.. She knows where to hit the nail so u don’t end up wasting hours only to find the wrong house or losing out on the right one..She will not settle until she has given you her best.. Her service is so personalized that she knows exactly what her clients are looking for and will ensure you get what you want.. Her warmth and friendliness just makes it so easy to work with her( a few agents I have tried to work with in past have been pushy) but don’t let this fool you because she is a tough cookie when it comes to negotiation and will get you the best price.. Its been a few weeks since we moved and I cannot brag enough about our new home, our dream home! There were others who made offers higher than ours but her negotiating skills came to the rescue and our offer was accepted..Her vast knowledge of bay area makes taking the right decision a walk in the park.. Trust her instincts and you will not go wrong.. And to add cherry on the cake she is truly a genuine and kind person.. If you are reading this review in search of an agent who brings their A game to the table, it ends here! Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime and I would trust no other to help me make that!”

– Maryam E.

“We recently bought a townhome in Fremont and Kaajal was our realtor during our home buying process. She is extremely driven, professional and knowledgeable. Being first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions in a number of different areas and Kaajal answered them the whole time with patience and a smile. She is a great person with an amazing personality and we loved working with her. She helped us make tough decisions, negotiate etc while giving us our space and being available 24*7 for any questions. Infact, Kaajal even helped us with a lot of other things after we brought our home. I would definitely recommend Kaajal as a realtor and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. She made our home buying process way less stressful and easier.”
– Ankita M.

“We recently purchased a townhome with help of Kaajal and she was Awesome! Lot of good things have already been mentioned about her but I would like to say few words too. She was referred by a friend and she helped us close the deal very smoothly. She exactly knew our budget and not like any real agent who would want to close the deal and would advise you to go little high up and put the best foot forward. Infact she exactly knew what the market is and how far we should go knowing my budget and If it does not fall in our place no biggie. She was not only professional but also have become a very good friend. I highly recommend Kaajal Shahani.”
– Mohammed K.

“My husband and I worked with Kaajal recently to purchase our first home. In this crazy market, we were able to get a house on our first offer. Part of this may be luck, but a lot of it is credited to Kaajal’s gut instincts and effectiveness to execute on any transaction. Kaajal worked hard for us- she was always reaching out to get details on other offers through the seller’s agent, and always promptly relayed that information back to us. When helping us decide on an offer price, Kaajal leveraged her vast experience in home buying/selling in today’s market to come up with the perfect offer number which won us the house. Kaajal was never pushy- she would always let us know not to go too high if we were not comfortable, and you could tell she didn’t want us to just settle on ‘any’ house. Kaajal was also very fair- she knew that when a house was good to go whole heartedly for it. What we love most about Kaajal is that she is very personable and bubbly which is exactly what’s needed when stress levels are high. She understands her clients, will always get back to you, and I would thus recommend Kaajal in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for an A-game agent. I will gladly welcome the opportunity of working with her again. Kaajal: You go, girl.”
– Sherri B.

“Hi Kaajal: After settling into our beautiful new home, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a job well done. You were able to sell our previous house for the price we agreed upon and were instrumental in assisting my family in locating and purchasing our beautiful new home.  We were impressed with your honesty and integrity throughout the sales process.  You valued your personal touch and gave importance to our needs (esp. my wife’s vastu/feng shui). You were patience throughout the process and allowed us to decide what is right for us. Your support even extended after we moved in by giving excellent referrals for gardener, electrician, painter, etc. You provided comprehensive service both during home sale and purchase. THANK YOU for your professional and personalized service.  I would recommend your services to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.”
– R. Kanchi

“Kaajal is one of a kind!!! We just sold our condo and purchased our home with Kaajal, and had the most fabulous experience!!! Kaajal was personable, professional, knowledgable, a great listener and incredibly quick to respond. She went out of her way to ensure we were taken care of. She is, by far, the best, and we will recommend her to our friends and family. When we are ready to move buy again, she will be the first person we call.”
– Tiffany